Twitter Monitor on Finnish Politicians

The Twitter monitor on Finnish politicians is a hobby project I’m developing. At first, the main purpose of the project was for me to get better at programming. Later, I’ve continued developing the project further. Now the purpose is to collect data from different sources into one place to be able to provide easily accessible information and insights.

The project is currently focused on the Finnish parliament. Tweets from all members of the parliament are being collected. This has been the easiest starting point as there is not much manual work required to know who these politicians are. Later, the scope might be extended to politicians outside the national parliament as well.

Another direction that I’ve set up for the project has been to start including other data sources as well. This way the project will become more than just a Twitter monitor.

Sources of data

The data included is being collected from the following sources:

  • Twitter API for collecting tweets and user information
  • for the up to date list of the politicians and the related parties
  • Wikipedia for parliament election poll results
  • Minister of Justice for actual election results

Data Studio dashboard

You can view the full report in Data Studio. Below, you can also see some picks from the dashboard. The dashboard is best viewed on desktop.

Most active politicians

The graph below shows the most active politicians for the last 7 days. You can click on the name of the politician to open the related Data Studio dashboard with more information.

Politicians with the most followers

These are the members of parliament with the most followers on Twitter. The comparison is done against the last 30 days.

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